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The ‘S’ Word – Retaking Labour’s lexicon

François Hollande’s election to French president was epitomized on Twitter by various activists in one phrase from his victory speech – “Je suis un Socialiste.” This succinct declaration has split the Twittosphere into two distinct camps; those who fear The Fifth International and those trumpeting the beginning of the end for European austerity. Whilst there […]


I know everyone’s throwing their own opinion in about George Galloway’s win in Bradford West, to the point where it’s just become pointless to even care anymore*. In all honesty I’m glad Galloway won. It means that another section of the country will finally come to see how much of a useless politician the man […]

The Polemic Pandemic

Put aside the rainbow manifestos and unite. We as the Labour Party are facing a multitude of problems that are holding us back from our true potential in opposition. No one is going to dispute that we’ve lost a lot of the general public’s trust, that we’ve yet to find a message that can engage […]