My summary of Movement4Change (published 2/3/12)

Published here Although I’m a relatively new member of the Labour Party, I joined just in time to be able to help out with campaigning during the local elections in May last year. Hopes were high that with the increasing negativity towards the Government (and in particular the Liberal Democrats who are extremely popular in […]

The Polemic Pandemic

Put aside the rainbow manifestos and unite. We as the Labour Party are facing a multitude of problems that are holding us back from our true potential in opposition. No one is going to dispute that we’ve lost a lot of the general public’s trust, that we’ve yet to find a message that can engage […]

Labour must fight for its enemies’ safe seats

Congratulations to Seema Malhotra, the newly elected MP for Feltham and Heston. By-elections are always a pleasant victory considering that the campaigns are often fought on local issues without the overbearing presence of PPBs or Leaders’ Debates. Still, today’s victory will not come as a surprise to many; Feltham and Heston has been a safe […]

Cameron’s veto is for votes, not independence

I won’t pretend that I know anything about the euro-crisis. The most I know about the EU is that there are two ‘levels’, the monetary union (those who use the euro) and the economic union (those who don’t), and that there are various European laws that we as a country follow as a trade-off for […]