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Maria Miller had to go. How will her replacement handle the big decisions?

Corrupt? Perhaps. Foolish? Certainly. Maria Miller did herself no favours in handling the row over her expenses with such contempt for an already soured public. I do not wish to add to the Himalayan mountain of comment about her ministerial conduct, however I believe it is worth following her widely demanded resignation through to its […]

The stage is set. Labour should now commit to media ownership reform

Originally published on LabourList 15/10/13 With a Royal Charter on Press Regulation hurtling ever closer, it is wise to note the caveats from Ed Miliband’s conflict with The Daily Mail. We mustn’t abuse events like these to cut back on press freedom. In one of the first interviews he gave on the issue, Miliband declared […]

The ‘S’ Word – Retaking Labour’s lexicon

François Hollande’s election to French president was epitomized on Twitter by various activists in one phrase from his victory speech – “Je suis un Socialiste.” This succinct declaration has split the Twittosphere into two distinct camps; those who fear The Fifth International and those trumpeting the beginning of the end for European austerity. Whilst there […]

Don’t play the blame game with actual games

As an avid gamer, I’m always disappointed when the media turns on computer games and blames them as inspiration for violent acts. As the trial for Anders Breivik goes on, the prosecution has started to use images of Breivik’s characters in World of Warcraft and accounts of Breivik’s time playing Call of Duty as evidence. […]


I know everyone’s throwing their own opinion in about George Galloway’s win in Bradford West, to the point where it’s just become pointless to even care anymore*. In all honesty I’m glad Galloway won. It means that another section of the country will finally come to see how much of a useless politician the man […]

“Gotcha!” – Budget goes down with all headlines.

It seems today’s budget isn’t getting favourable mention from anywhere. Not surprising that the focus is on the hit to pensioners, as tax allowances are frozen in what is being dubbed a ‘Granny Tax’. With most of the budget details leaked beforehand, did Osbourne really hope to get away with such a blatantly unfair cut? […]

Road to Wigan Pier and unemployment

Sound familiar? “…these beings whom I had been taught to regard as cynical parasites were decent young miners and cotton-workers, gazing at their destiny with the same sort of amazement as an animal in a trap. They simply could not understand what was happening to them, they had been brought up to work and behold! […]