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I know everyone’s throwing their own opinion in about George Galloway’s win in Bradford West, to the point where it’s just become pointless to even care anymore*.

In all honesty I’m glad Galloway won. It means that another section of the country will finally come to see how much of a useless politician the man is. Neglecting every constituency duty to promote his own campaigns across the world will no doubt become a highlight of George’s new time in office.

The man is a Jihadist-sympathizing cretin who fawns over any dictator who gives the finger to the West, and has openly called for the killing of British soldiers in defense of a murderous tyrant he was so keen to lick the boots of (see video). It’s just sad that it takes a childishly-fought election for more people to know this.

*If I was forced to opine regarding the election, I’d say it was Galloway’s populist positioning as a born-again Muslim and typical ‘not like those other politicians’ activist, coupled with a Labour party complacency that there would be no competition.


One comment on “Gallownalysis

  1. Excellent analysis. I just hope you’re correct about people learning the truth about this loathsome poseur.

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