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“Gotcha!” – Budget goes down with all headlines.

It seems today’s budget isn’t getting favourable mention from anywhere. Not surprising that the focus is on the hit to pensioners, as tax allowances are frozen in what is being dubbed a ‘Granny Tax’. With most of the budget details leaked beforehand, did Osbourne really hope to get away with such a blatantly unfair cut?

Here are the headlines from the country’s leading papers following today’s announcement:

'Granny tax' will no doubt be a phrase haunting the Government for a long time.

The Times taking a cautious approach

The Independent echoing the central ethic to Tory policies for the last 2 years.

The Guardian needs no pantomime rhetoric

The Mirror goes all out with the 'hug a hoody, mug a granny' motif.

And lest we forget –

The Sun taking a characteristically juvenile approach to the entire ordeal.


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