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I know everyone’s throwing their own opinion in about George Galloway’s win in Bradford West, to the point where it’s just become pointless to even care anymore*. In all honesty I’m glad Galloway won. It means that another section of the country will finally come to see how much of a useless politician the man […]

The symbolic violence of reality television

Published on London Progressive Journal (here) 24/03/12 Prior to the encroachment of neo-liberal policy into the economic and cultural landscape of Britain, television programmes we would typify as ‘entertainment shows’ were built around the dominant working-class lifestyle and values. Shows like ‘Steptoe and Son’ and ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ were seen as the populist breakaway from […]

“Gotcha!” – Budget goes down with all headlines.

It seems today’s budget isn’t getting favourable mention from anywhere. Not surprising that the focus is on the hit to pensioners, as tax allowances are frozen in what is being dubbed a ‘Granny Tax’. With most of the budget details leaked beforehand, did Osbourne really hope to get away with such a blatantly unfair cut? […]

Road to Wigan Pier and unemployment

Sound familiar? “…these beings whom I had been taught to regard as cynical parasites were decent young miners and cotton-workers, gazing at their destiny with the same sort of amazement as an animal in a trap. They simply could not understand what was happening to them, they had been brought up to work and behold! […]

Regional pay

With the recent announcement by the Chancellor that public sector pay will be determined by the general economic state of the region, I managed to catch the Radio 5 Live debate featuring Owen Jones and Edwina Currie. Their respective statements were to be expected; Owen reiterated many of the points from his book about poorer […]

Is there a way of reaching out to potential BNP and EDL supporters?

Behind the well-known images of BNP rallies and EDL protests, there’s another startling dimension to the crisis of ultra-right nationalism that is often missed when we talk about such groups. It’s easy to picture an EDL supporter as some skinhead brute with Swastikas tattoos, but the bulk of support for these groups lies in already-fractured […]

My summary of Movement4Change (published 2/3/12)

Published here Although I’m a relatively new member of the Labour Party, I joined just in time to be able to help out with campaigning during the local elections in May last year. Hopes were high that with the increasing negativity towards the Government (and in particular the Liberal Democrats who are extremely popular in […]