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Cameron’s veto is for votes, not independence

I won’t pretend that I know anything about the euro-crisis. The most I know about the EU is that there are two ‘levels’, the monetary union (those who use the euro) and the economic union (those who don’t), and that there are various European laws that we as a country follow as a trade-off for our membership.

What I do know about today’s events is this; David Cameron’s refusal to join the fiscal union is nothing to do with economic protection or repatriation of powers. His actions have left both of these possibilities dead in the English Channel, considering his diplomatic middle finger to the European community.

No, his motive is entirely party-political. A chance spied by a desperate Prime Minister to satisfy the euro-sceptics both within his own party and the general public. Many of a right-wing view will have no more knowledge about the EU than I, but will have bought into the Tory-media spin that some hand-wringing continental in Brussels dictates our laws for us.

Tomorrow’s Daily Mail front page will trumpet ‘Day the PM put Britain first’, yet this decision will provide nothing more than an even weaker economic position for the sake of a few pats on the back for Dave when he returns home. When the blaze is burning, you don’t sever the hose, and there is no doubt in my mind that, whatever your opinion on the EU, a fiscal union is exactly the right course to take when the economic fires are raging.


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